Introduction for Nyuto-Seika.

 Welcome to Nyuto-Seika’s site.

 Nyuto-Seika, which is located at East part of Tokyo, has been baking Baumkuchen for more than 50 years. Let us introduce you what Baumkuchen is a little bit. Baumkuchen is a traditional cake which is originally from Germany. The cake has many layers like annual rings of trees.


In Germany, the cake is considered to be very special one because the German enjoy the cake on the only religious occasions like Christmas.


On the other hand, in Japan, Baumkuchen nowadays is considered to be a cake for more daily desserts, so the cake gets very popular here.


Most of you wonder why the cake come over from Germany, don’t you?  It has been told that a German guy, who was captured by Japanese soldiers during the World War 1, finally came to Japan and started Baumkuchen business after the war.


At the first stage, the cake was made by the original German method. However, today in Japan, Baumkuchen turn out to be the softier and moistier by the Japanese method.


As long as our company is concerned, we supply very delicious Baumkuchen with very reasonable price. As to Baumkuchen, people in Tokyo area get used to our products now.


So, we are confident with our Baumkuchen. Please feel free to ask us about our Baumkuchen on any occasions like business or just curiosity.